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Axicon 7100-S Linear Barcode Verifier

Axicon 7100-S Linear Barcode Verifier

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Axicon 7100-S Bar Code Verifier

The Axicon 7100-S bar code verifier is designed to verify large linear bar codes with a maximum width (including quiet zones) of 7.6″  (195 mm) .  This means it can be used to check all bar codes used in general distribution, whether they appear on outer cases or on pallet labels (EAN-13, UPC-A, ITF-14 and GS1-128).  For anyone printing 100% sized ITF-14 symbols, or large pallet labels, this verifier is perfect.

In addition to being GS1 Approved, the 7100-S is certified to meet International Standards and has been specifically designed to read all traded units and larger bar codes with a width of up to 195 mm/7.6 in. including quiet zones.

This means the 7100-S bar code verifier will meet the latest ISO/ANSI standard, but also a wide range of application standards including GS1-128 and ITF-14. An extensive array of additional reporting tools is also provided with every verifier.

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