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Axicon 6525S w/IP50 Case Linear Barcode Verifier

Axicon 6525S w/IP50 Case Linear Barcode Verifier

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Axicon 6525S Bar Code Verifier

Certified to meet International Standards, the Axicon 6525S barcode verifier is capable to read all linear bar codes with a width of up to 125mm/4.9in including quiet zones. Our development program means that not only will your verifier always meet the latest ISO/ANSI standard, but also a wide range of application standards including GS1-128 and ISBN/ISSN. An extensive array of additional reporting tools is also provided.

The Axicon 6525S bar code verifier is designed to verify linear bar codes with a maximum width, including quiet zones, of 125mm/4.9in. This means it can be used to check all GS1 symbols used at the retail point-of-sale (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, GS1-DataBar), those used on outer cases (EAN-13, ITF-14, and GS1-128), and on logistics labels (GS1-128). For anyone printing bar code labels using a 100mm/4in wide print-head, the Axicon 6515 barcode verifier is perfect.

The 6515 cannot be used to check 100% sized ITF-14 symbols or A5 sized logistics labels printed using a 150mm/6in wide print-head.

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